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Follow Me...For I Am...Ian Brill

28 June 1983
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I'm pretty happy where everything in my life is going. I'm reading a lot of good books and comics all while exploring a great city. I've met some smart and beautiful people while I'm here and knowing them brightens my life. I like how things are going on my other blog. Not only have I posted some good things but the people who comment have been smart, probably smarter than me, and make it a better site to read. I'm pretty positive with how things are going.

My Mom has faced hardships in her life and has told me that optimism is a great way to go through life. I'm just now learning what she means.

The Point
You will probably see many people kvetch or mope on their respective on-line diaries. It can be hard to get through post after post of people's complaints and state of being thin-skin. It is not a road to a happy life, either reading or writing such things. Whenever you feel that way just go to this LJ (I'm going to post this on my User Info page) and you'll feel better. I hope. Thank you for reading, I appreciate it.