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Here's what standing at a booth at Comic-Con for forty-five hours, broken up by loud nights of drinking, does to you: I had a ten minute conversation with someone I know, Blog@Newsarmama's Carla Hoffman, and the entire time I thought I was talking to Entertainment Weekly's Dafna Pleban. This matter was complicated by Carla being dressed as the Tenth Doctor. I don't know what to say other than my brain just could not digest reality correctly anymore.

There have been times when, due to lack of sleep or drunkiness, I've been pretty out of it. But never before had I lost the ability to recognize faces. You'd figure once I had reached the age of three that was one skill set I had a pretty good lock on. Nope! You stay on your feet talking to enough obese bearded men who had walked up to your booth because because they mistook a wide collection of Cthulhu merchandise as obtuse iterations of tentacle porn and guess what, your brain splits in half!

Before that the strangest thing to happen at the booth was having Stephen Baldwin and Mark Waid signing at the same time. Baldwin was on "stage left" and Waid to the opposite end. On one side you had people bring out their camera phones as if unseen puppet strings were lifting their arms from their sides. On the other a healthy smattering of fans would walk up to a creator they admire, share a few kind words and got their copy of Kingdom Come signed (and hopefully buy Potter's Field). While I make no judgment calls here I still remembered to stand at the back of the booth and slowly move my eyes from one end to the other. I had the two spiritual halves of Comic-Con happening right in front of me, not even eight feet from each other. For an hour or so booth #2543 was the Harvey Dent of fandom.

Comic-Con was an endurance test but if you appreciate the strangeness it can be a fun one. I sold a Dave Johnson poster to woman in an excellent (and to be quite honest, disturbingly sexy) Joker get-up. I saw a guy who had the Captain America: Truth costume down to a fucking T while he was on his way to Kyle Baker's booth. I handed Predator a flier for our free web comics. I made sure to have Fall of Cthulhu writer and all-around gentleman Michael Alan Nelson sign copies of his book for 24 executive producer Manny Coto. In the twilight hours of the con a guy with an excellent Kermit the Frog puppet walked by. We took a picture of him with our Muppet Preview Book in Kermit's mouth. I put some good books in the hands of people I know will dig them, which is immensely satisfying.
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