ianbrill (ianbrill) wrote,

I love working in the comics field and writing for the comics internet. I've met so many smart and wonderful people and learned a lot from them, too. Who can argue when any given morning for free, for free, I can read Jog, Douglas Wolk, Chris Arrant, the Act-I-Vate folks, Kevin Church, Chris Tamarri, Mark Fossen, Jim Roeg, Ed Cunard, Tom Spurgeon, Johanna Draper-Carlson, Dave Campbell, Matt Fraction, Matt Maxwell and the mighty Neilalien (who's name is fun to write). This is not only wonderful, but a testament to how the sharing of information through the internet has benefited the arts. I know I am so much of a better reader because I can soak up all these different points of view.

I know pomobarney and mikester will tell you all kinds of doom and gloom about what the comics internet can look like but I think they should be giving themselves a pat on the back for making that same comics internet a better experience. I look forward to their posts everyday as I do for the others listed above. That is an awesome feeling.
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